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Distribution of the
surname in 1881
Distribution of the Gant surname in 1881

Distribution of the
surname in 2000

Distribution of the Gant surname in 2000
Over the years, I have collected a large amount of data, and I currently have around 80,00 records - including many photographs, newspaper snippets and other items - relating to the Gant surname worldwide, much of which I have compiled into family trees. Please do if you have any connection with the surname as I may be able to help with filling in any gaps in your ancestry.

The Origins of the Surname
There are many sources that name John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster (1340 - 1399) as one of the original recorded instances of the surname, and that it is just a variation of GAUNT. My own personal theory is that it is a surname in its own right, which on many occasions has been written down as GAUNT or GRANT.

Adalbert de GAND (1004 -1032), was the son of Arnulf of GAND, Count of Holland, and ancestor of Gilbert de Gant, Earl of Lincoln (c. 1126 - 1156), and an ancient lord of Hunmanby in Yorkshire. As the surname is so prevalent in the eastern counties of England, I think it's much more likely that it originated in the west of mainland Europe, before spreading through the eastern counties of England via Gilbert de Gant.

Distribution of the Surname in the United Kingdom
Centuries later in 1851, and before the mass migration to the bigger towns and cities, census statistics show that the vast majority of the Gant families in England and Wales were centred around the eastern English counties of Suffolk, Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Essex. Even now, there are still large concentrations in these areas (Source: United Kingdom Electoral Register 2000).

Distribution of the Surname Worldwide
There are Gant families all over the world,though by far the largest concentration is in the United States of America.
Census statistics show that in 1880, there were over 3,600 individuals with the Gant surname in the United States, compared to just over 1,000 in England, Wales and Scotland in 1881.
Ada Emily Gant
Ada Emily Gant
1901 - 1933

Charles Robert William Gant
Charles Robert William Gant
1915 - 1992

Frederick Robert Gant
Frederick Robert Gant
1871 - 1947

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